What is Vitaminsfromusa’s return and return policy?
Requests can be submitted within 60 days of purchase (90 days for Vitaminsfromusa exclusive products).
Some items must be refunded and not exchanged or returned.
You may need to provide documentation depicting damages, wrong items sent, etc. for refund approval.
Refunds may be granted back to the original form of payment or provided as Rewards Credit (store credit).
How long do refunds take?
Tip: We recommend accepting your refund in Rewards Credit which is typically available to use within 24 hours. Refunds to the original payment method are subject to your bank’s local processing times.
Refund request review process
Your refund/replacement/return request may take up to 3 days to be reviewed by a trained agent. We’ll send an email notification once your refund request has been approved or denied. If your account is not linked to any email, you are able to see the decision in your Vitaminsfromusa account messages.

If approved, please allow 7-10 business days for your bank to finish processing the refund to the original payment method. It may take up to 30 days to complete the refund if the order was paid using Apple Pay or PayPal.

If your refund has not been received after 35 days of approval from Vitaminsfromusa, please contact your card issuer or bank. This is an issue occurring on their end and they will be best suited to assist you further.

The replacement order will be sent once it is fulfilled. It may take up to 48 hours for the order to be shipped. You will see a new order number and tracking details in your account. Please note that not all items are eligible to be reshipped.

Refunds for canceled orders
Rest assured, you will not be charged for canceled orders. You may see a pending transaction that is voided upon order cancellation. Vitaminsfromusa never receives payment until orders have been shipped.

Please allow 7-10 business days for the funds to appear back in the financial account associated with your payment method. You may see the voided transaction on your bank statement.

If the order was paid using Apple Pay or PayPal, it may take up to 30 days as well to void the pending transaction.

Refunds for international orders
Refunds may take up to 35 days to process for customers outside of the United States. Rewards Credit is the quickest way to be refunded and is typically available for use within 24 hours of having the refund approved.

If your refund has not been received after 35 days of approval from Vitaminsfromusa, please contact your card issuer or bank. This is an issue occurring on their end and they will be best suited to assist you further.

Will I be refunded for items removed from my order?
If any item in your order is out-of-stock, Vitaminsfromusa will remove the item from your order and notify you immediately.

Rest assured – you won’t be charged for any item(s) removed from your order. Vitaminsfromusa processes payments after orders have shipped so you’re only charged for the item(s) delivered.

Any temporary charges will be released according to your bank’s policies. Please note, you may not see a refund transaction and your bank may not send you any notification. You should see the new order total charged in your bank statement within 3-5 business days after the order has shipped.

Can Rewards Credit be refunded?
If you paid for your order with Rewards Credit, then you will be refunded back with Rewards Credit. Once your refund is approved, your Rewards Credit will be available to use within 24 hours.

Rewards Credit expires after 180 days of being granted if unused or if no new Rewards Credit is accrued.

I received my order after being refunded. What now?
We’re happy to know that you have received your order! Please feel free to keep the package as a gift from Vitaminsfromusa for whatever inconvenience you may have experienced. We appreciate your business and are honored to have you as our customer. This one’s on us!

Will I receive my refund if the bank account is closed?
If the refund to the original payment method has already been processed, please contact your bank to arrange an alternative method to receive the funds via check, cash, etc.

If your bank account is closed, you can be refunded with Rewards Credit (store credit) when you submit a refund request. Learn more

Will I get my refund if the credit or debit card is expired?
Even if your credit card is expired, the funds will still be successfully credited to your bank account. If you haven’t seen the refund yet or the account is no longer open, please contact your financial institution. Vitaminsfromusa is unable to process a refund to a different card or account from the original payment method for any reason.

My refund total is incorrect. What should I do?
Refunds for any items or orders may be less than expected due to discounts and promotions received when placing the order. The refunded amount reflects what was actually charged after all discounts were applied.

Refund totals for returns may be also different than the original purchase total due to shipping fees and any additional fees incurred to return the products to our fulfillment centers (including return postage, handling, storage, and quarantine fees).

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